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Did you know that Virgin Car Insurance is actually one of the biggest direct car insurers in South Africa, and as such offers valuable reasons why you should consider one of their 3 insurance offers, namely, Virgin Comprehensive Car Insurance, Virgin 3rd Party, Fire, Theft and Hijacking Insurance, and Virgin’s 3rd Party Only Insurance. Below is more about Virgin car insurance quotes, how and why to compare car insurance products from other leading insurers as well.

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    Virgin Comprehensive Car Insurance

    Virgin’s comprehensive cover works pretty much like any other standard comprehensive insurance for your motor vehicle, that is, you get covered for any incident that causes damage to your car whether it was your fault or someone else’s. Also, your vehicle is covered for any incident where it catches fire, is struck by lightning, hit in a storm or flood, and a list of many other natural and uncontrollable disasters.

    Under this policy, you will be covered for theft and hijacking as well.

    Finally you will receive up to R10,000,000 of liability cover for 3rd party claims against you.

    Virgin 3rd Party, Fire, Theft and Hijacking Insurance

    This is Virgin’s cheaper insurance offer and covers you for all the things covered under the comprehensive car insurance, however, your own car will not be covered under this policy. Many people often opt for this type of insurance and instead get add-on insurances like scratch and dent insurance and extended motor warranties, which in fact can even lower your monthly premiums.

    3rd Party Only Car Insurance from Virgin Money

    Virgin 3rd Party Only Car Insurance pays out up to R10-million for any liability that 3rd parties have claim over you when you cause an accident that damages their cars, properties, and even bodies. This is relatively cheap insurance from Virgin, and is very popular with used car owners.

    That’s not all!

    • Virgin Car Insurance Benefits
    • By insuring your car with Virgin, you qualify for a host of other benefits such as the following:
    • All year round emergency roadside assistance
    • Free trauma counseling
    • One full year of your premiums will be paid back to you after 4 years of no claims
    • Lower premiums when you buy car insurance and home insurance
    • Superior customer service

    Virgin Money Car Insurance Quotes

    We have made it easy for you to get compare a Virgin Money Car Insurance quote alongside other car insurance companies in South Africa so that you can choose the best possible deal for your car insurance needs: simply provide us with your details and our partners will get back to you.

    Virgin Car Insurance South Africa Contact Details


    Customer Service: 0860 10 56 46

    The Virgin Group offers cover via Virgin Money South Africa. This is one of the biggest brands in the world and surely provides a superb service. Virgin Money South Africa extends to other financial services all centered on giving you a great deal on cheap car insurance.