Peace Of Mind With Prime Meridian Car Insurance

Prime Meridian Direct offers motor vehicle insurance to consumers from all walks of life.* Their products are very competitive and an attractive alternative if you are looking for affordable premiums that are fixed** !

If you own a motor vehicle and are unable to carry the risk of the total loss of your vehicle or damage to third party vehicles, it is wise to consider all the insurance products out there, you never know when an accident can happen.

Prime Meridian Direct offer consumers the Prime Motor Comprehensive Plan***

  • This product will protect you against the complete loss of your vehicle through accidental write-off.
  • You are covered for the total loss from natural occurring fires and natural disasters.
  • You will be covered for the total loss from theft and hijacking.
  • They offer third party liability protection up to R1 Million per incident.
  • You will also be covered for glass and hail damage to your vehicle.
  • You will enjoy 24 hour roadside assistance.
  • If you are a young driver, struggling to obtain reasonable quotes, Prime Meridian Direct will cover you from the age of 19 years old.
  • Don’t think that your car is too old to insure – Prime Meridian Direct covers vehicles up to 15 years old.

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    It is good to know that your premium will be fixed** & you can enjoy a reduced-to-zero excess!
    Optional Benefits that you might enjoy***:

    • Car Hire
    • Credit Shortfall Protection
    • Accidental Death Cover

    *Products underwritten by Santam Structured Insurance
    ** If you don’t claim
    *** Terms and Conditions Apply

    Prime Meridian Direct is a well-established financial service provider with a track record of innovating their insurance offerings, benefitting hundreds of thousands of South Africans. They provide clients with the information they need to make an informed decision when choosing affordable car insurance.

    Prime Meridian has been developing and innovating their insurance options since 2009 when they learned that the majority of South Africans choose to drive uninsured. In 2013 they added their CoverGROW range of products to further help those that couldn’t afford traditional car insurance offerings.

    Prime Meridian Car Insurance Offerings

    Prime Meridian offers a range of car insurance options to fit your budget. Details for these options are as follows:

    Prime MotorTHRIFT: This covers you for total loss through fire, natural disasters, theft & hijacking and accidental write-off. It includes 3rd party vehicle liability with protection of up to R500 000 per incident. Optional extras include growing cover for accidents and losses, and nationwide 24 hour roadside assistance. You can also opt for a mechanical & electrical warranty, as well as minor scratch & dent protection.

    Prime Motor CoverGROW: This option gives you 3rd party vehicle liability and growing cover for accidents and losses. You can opt for total loss cover and nationwide roadside assistance. This option is essentially 3rd party cover.

    Prime MotorASSIST: This is the cheapest option available from Prime Meridian and only offers 24 hour roadside assistance. You cannot opt for total loss or 3rd party cover with this option.

    Prime Meridian Direct Contact Details

    Contact Number: 011 745 7800