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MiWay has become one of the many recognisable names in the car insurance industry. In 2011, MiWay was the youngest company to win the Ask Afrika’s Orange Index Service awards. Further to that, in 2014, the Mail & Guardian awarded MiWay with the “Top Companies Reputation Index” award.

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    MiWay Car Insurance Benefits

    When you insure with MiWay, you benefit from the following:

    • Affordable premiums
    • An excess structure that’s easy to understand
    • Manage your own policy online
    • Hassle-free claims (you can claim through the MiWay app or their website)
    • Free WeDrive trips* (Miway’s take me home service)
    • Free roadside assistance*

    *MiWay’s Terms & Conditions apply

    Customise Your Car Insurance

    You can customise your insurance to suit your requirement. If you have additional car accessories you want to have insured, let MiWay know or simply add it yourself via their website or app. MiWay can customise your quote according to your use of the car, whether it’s personal or business.

    MiWay Comprehensive Cover

    This, as the name suggests, is the most comprehensive option provided by MiWay. You’ll be covered for the following:

    • Theft
    • Hijacking
    • Accident damage
    • Fire damage
    • Explosion damage
    • Natural disasters (e.g. hail, floods)

    MiWay Third-Party, Fire and Theft Cover

    This option will cover your car in the event of a fire or theft of your vehicle, as well as anyone involved in an accident other than yourself. You won’t be covered for natural disasters such as hail or floods.

    MiWay Third Party Cover

    As mentioned above, third party cover will only cover the damage to another person’s car. We recommend getting this as a bare minimum to protect yourself. If you don’t have any insurance and you cause an accident with someone driving a high value car such as BMW 5 series, the insurer can sue you to regain costs. You could lose your car or even your home, depending on the amount owed.

    Different Insurance Values

    You can pick which value you want your car insured at. These values are as follows:

    Retail Value: This is the recommended option and will insure your car at the selling price as per Trans Union’s Dealer Guide.
    Market Value: This is determined by the average value between retail price and trade values as per Trans Union’s Dealer Guide.
    Trade Value: This is the average price that car dealers will pay for a specific year, make & model as per Trans Union’s Dealer Guide.

    MiWay Contact Details

    Phone Number: 0860 64 64 64

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