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King Price entered the car insurance market with a strategy no other insurer was willing to try and every customer was wishing was out there. That strategy involved decreasing your premiums every month. Your car’s value depreciates every month so it makes sense to decrease your premium.

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    Multiple Car Discount

    In addition to lowering your premium every month, King Price also discounts your premium based on how many cars you add to your insurance. The more cars you add, the bigger the discount is. Here’s a breakdown of the discount structure:

    • 2 cars gives you a 10% discount on both cars
    • 3 cars gives you a 15% discount on all 3 cars
    • 4+ cars gives you a 20% discount on all of your cars

    Optional Extras

    In addition to your chosen cover (comprehensive; third party, fire and theft; and third party insurance), you have the option to add extra cover to your insurance. These options are as follows:

    Sound equipment & other accessories: You can insure aftermarket sound equipment or those hots mags you had fitted. This applies to some other extras as well, which you can discuss this with the King Price insurance agent.

    Car hire: If you’re ever left without your car, you can opt to have car hire cover. The additional cost is small and you’ll need a valid credit, but it’s more than worth it.

    Credit shortfall: If your car is ever stolen or written off, credit shortfall insurance will cover you for the difference between what your car is worth at that time and what you owe on it.

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    Contact Number: 0860 50 50 50