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Are you looking for insurance for your car, your trailer, your bike, your boat, your bakkie or your 4×4? If the answer is yes to any of those, then you are at the right place because we can get you insurance quotes from Hollard Insurance. Hollard car insurance quotes online are an easy way to compare Hollard’s own insurance quotes against those of other companies.

There is no doubt in the minds of the people who work at Hollard Insurance about what their company stands for: affordable car insurance that’s right for your budget.

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    In a fresh bid to boost the South African economy for 2018, Hollard has agreed to sell 22.5% of it’s insurance business to the Japanese insurance group, Tokio Marine. The deal is worth R5 Billion Rand (yes, with a “B”) and gives Hollard access to many first world financial models and services such as advanced telematics, predictive data analysis and AI technologies. Tokio Marine is fulfilled in that it has access to 10 other African countries where Hollard operates including it’s business in China, Indonesia and India.

    And from Hollard Insurance, you have the following options of insurance to choose from for any type of motor vehicle.  Also be sure to read about the cheapest car insurance over here.

    Hollard Comprehensive Car Insurance is awesome

    You get maximum protection for your motor vehicle because you are covered against damage caused in an accident by yourself or someone else, fire or natural disaster like hail and flooding. Comprehensive cover also provides insurance for theft, criminal damage and third party vehicle damage or injury.

    This option is best suited for new vehicles and financed vehicles.

    Hollard Fire, Theft and 3rd Part Insurance is affordable

    This type of cover is more affordable than comprehensive cover. What’s great about it is that you still get cover against theft and hijacking, as well as damage caused by natural disasters and fire.

    Hollard 3rd Party Liability Insurance Cover is cheapest

    3rd party only cover protects the liability you might face if you were at fault in a car accident. If the aggrieved party can prove he or she has a real and serious claim against you, you may be liable to pay for the damage cause to the car or property.

    Hollard’s 3rd party liability on all 3 of the different options can be as much as R10-million

    This option is best suited for older used cars.

    Hollard doesn’t just stop at providing you car insurance. By becoming a policyholder, you will have R15,000 free accidental death cover from which your loved ones can claim from.

    You also can opt for optional car hire

    You get access to 24 hour road assistance anywhere in South Africa

    Hollard is one of many motor vehicle insurance companies in South Africa so the competition to stand out above the rest is always there among all of them. Hollard prides itself by not offering just affordable insurance, but great customer service and high payouts as well.

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    Customer Service: 0861 360 360