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Discovery Car Insurance is the motor vehicle insurer that rewards you for driving well. We all could use some good drivers on our roads, and with South Africa having one of the highest levels of road accident deaths in the world, an insurance company like Discovery can play a significant role in reducing that while ensuring that its policyholders like you get the best out of your insurance. It starts with getting Discovery car insurance quotes!

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    Discovery Car Insurance Benefits

    When you have a car insurance policy with Discovery, you can qualify for the following amazing benefits at no extra charge to your monthly premiums:

    • Access to the award winning Vitality rewards programme
    • Get up to 50% of your fuel spend when you fill up at BP garages nationwide
    • Get up to R800 back on your fuel spend at any affiliated garage in South Africa
    • Get up to 50% off your Gautrain bill (applicable only in Johannesburg)
    • Get up to 25% off your bill when you use Uber
    • Pay no excess when you claim for damages caused by hail, storms, lightning, explosions, snow, floods and other natural disaster, and theft and hijacking
    • Also, Discovery Insure goes even further by eliminating the excess when you make claim for 3rd party liabilities
    • 24/7 roadside assistance
    • 24/7 trauma counseling
    • 30 day free car hire

    Discovery Car Insurance consists of 3 main insurance types. These are Comprehensive insurance, 3rd Party, Fire and Theft cover, and 3rd Party only cover.

    Discovery Comprehensive Insurance for Your Car

    This will pay out for a wide range of claims, including:

    If your car is stolen or hijacked

    If your car is damaged by fire, hail, water, storm, lightning or explosions and other natural disasters

    If your car is damaged in an accident caused by you or another person

    If your windscreen needs repairs or replacement, and therefore you may possibly not need a car warranty or minor dent insurance policy

    Discovery Theft, Fire and 3rd Party Insurance

    This policy covers you for loss of or damage to your car caused by theft, hijacking, fire, lightning or explosions only. However, you will still enjoy all the benefits of being a Discovery Insure member.

    Discovery Third Party Only Cover

    When you become liable for costs relating to an accident caused by you to other cars and property, your 3RD Party Only insurance policy will pay the other party for liability you have in the accident.

    Discovery Car Insurance Contact Details


    Customer Service: 0680 751 751

    You can contact Discovery above for a quote on their excellent range of insurance products.  They may not be the cheapest car insurance products by themselves, but when combined with Discovery’s other products, you have a clear winner.