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An incredibly large number of South African drivers are not insured, and your best hope of getting remedy from such drivers if you become involved in a car accident with them is claiming from the Road Accident Fund. That alone cannot fully compensate you for your loss, thus the need for motor vehicle insurance becomes ever more important.

Low-price, Low-excess

Luckily, Budget car insurance offers some of the most affordable car insurance options in South Africa. can educate about Budget car insurance quotes and more.

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    Budget Comprehensive Car Insurance

    This is an all-inclusive insurance policy that will cover your vehicle against theft, or if there is break-in into your car. You will also be covered for any damage that you cause to your own car and property, and also in any accident that you cause that damages other cars and property. Furthermore, if some else damages your car, you can claim for that as well.

    Budget 3rd Party, Fire and Theft Cover

    This is a more affordable option than comprehensive cover. With this option, you are covered for 3rd party loss, fire and theft. Your own car is not covered if it is involved in an accident.

    Budget 3rd Party Liability Insurance

    This is the most affordable insurance from Budget. With Third Party only cover,
    Budget Insurance will pay any claims against you up to the amount of R20-million.
    Besides the above 3, Budget Insurance has other options that you can look for,
    and compare car insurance quotes for. Below is information about these other products.

    Other Motor Vehicle Insurance from Budget

    • Caravan insurance
    • Trailer insurance
    • 4X4 and bakkie insurance
    • Motorbike insurance
    • Watercraft insurance

    Budget Saver

    This is a unique product because it is targeted as an alternative to comprehensive car insurance and therefore is cheaper. With Budget Saver, you can choose only what you need for your insurance and leave out everything else that you do not want. You have 3 options to choose from: Total Loss, Accident only, and 3rd party only cover.  Surely these options for the budget conscious driver will provide some of the cheapest car insurance available!

    From there, you can then choose any of the benefits below.

    Budget Insurance Benefits

    • Optional car hire
    • Cheap car insurance
    • Up to 15% of your premiums can be paid back to you even if you do make a claim
    • Optional driver assistance, where you can call on a Budget Insurance driver to drive you home in your own car when you cannot, for example, after a night out

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    Customer Service: 0861 00 19 17