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Auto & General Car Insurance was founded on 1 June 1985 and has been an influential player in the car insurance industry for the past 30+ years. The Financial Mail has placed Auto & General in 1st and 2nd place numerous times for percentage growth in South Africa. In addition to this, Auto & General Car Insurance has been listed in multiple editions of the “Top Companies” survey.

It’s easy to see why switching to Auto & General Car Insurance would be ideal. With a track record as good as theirs, it would be silly not to. They’ve made it clear that they’re a formidable leader in South Africa’s car insurance industry. They’re committed to service excellence and stick to the core values that have made their business what it is today.

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    Auto & General Comprehensive Car Insurance

    You’ll get all the bells and whistles with Auto & General’s comprehensive car insurance. This policy will cover you for the following:

    – Towing and storage
    – Accidental Damage
    – Theft and hijacking
    – Damage to 3rd party properties
    – Accessories (ie. items such as a non-standard sound system)

    Auto & General Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance

    This type of car insurance covers you for damage you cause to a third party’s car. It also covers you against theft and fire damage caused to your car. However, any damage other than fire damage won’t be covered by your car.

    – Theft and hijacking
    – Damage to third party property

    Auto & General Third Party Car Insurance

    As you might have guessed by now, third party insurance only cover damage you do to a third party’s vehicle. We generally recommend against this option unless your circumstances dictate that damage to your own vehicle is covered in some other fashion.

    – Damage to third party property