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Having firmly rooted their presence in South Africa, AA Car Insurance has become a trusted part of peoples’ lives. Many will tell you that they’re head and shoulders above the rest and with more than 80 years of business in South Africa we’d recommend AA Car Insurance without hesitation. They offer bespoke plans tailored to your needs, giving individuals from all walks of life the opportunity to insure their car.

AA Car Insurance Benefits

When switching to AA Car Insurance you’ll benefit from the following added value on your policy:

– Excess buster
– Platinum cover
– Road wise tyre and rim
– Scratch zone
– Lights, mirrors and badges
– Depreciation cover

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    History Of The AA

    The AA established a presence in South Africa after the end of the Federation of Automobile Clubs in 1930 where it aimed to tackle motoring issues on a national level. According to the AA, they’ve accomplished a lot since arriving in South Africa.

    – Between 1938 and 1948 they lobbied for the ‘control & pricing’ of Petrol and the regulation of motoring on a national level.
    – Around the same time they were lobbying for the establishment of an oil pipeline to supply the Reef. In 1963 this was finally done after a long battle with South African Railways.
    – The AA’s membership had grown to 250 000 by 1965.
    – They played an enormous role in the mandatory adoption of the seatbelt in 1978.
    – By 1980 the AA’s membership had grown to 675 000.
    – In 2000 they launched their National Call Centre and AA Club Assist Battery Services.
    – In 2006 the AA Technical Training Academy was opened and the AA started their own towing fleet in June.
    – In 2007 hosted the first FIA Conference (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) outside of Europe. FIA is the world governing body for all forms of motor sport using four or more wheels.

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