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There are many perks with being a female, and one of them is getting special treatment like with your car insurance. 1st for Womens Insurance is the first and only insurance company in South Africa that caters solely to females. is a superb destination to find out more about the insurer’s products, benefits, and of course compare 1st for Womens car insurance quotes.

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    1st for Womens Car Insurance Benefits

    All the above options come with a host of benefits that make First for Womens such a great insurer.
    • You can use the 24/7 mechanical breakdown assistance anywhere in South Africa
    • You have 24/7 medical emergency services
    • Affordable car insurance
    • Optional car hire when your car is in repairs or service for an extended length of time
    • Online insurance quotes and policy changes
    • Specific comprehensive car insurance for motorbikes, caravans and trailers, watercraft like boats, bakkies and 4×4 insurance. These specific insurance can ensure that you are covered for the right things depending on your vehicle type
    • Access to free counseling
    • Participation in women-related interest groups
    Because 1st for Womens is as much a lifestyle company as it is an insurer, being a policyholder can enable you to lower your monthly premiums for their other products such as portables insurance and home contents insurance.

    You really can save a great deal if you fall into 1st for Women’s target category – if however you don’t you should still have a look at the cheapest car insurance available.

    Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover

    This is a universal insurance product because it covers the cost of repairing damage to not only your car, but also the other vehicles and property in cases that you are liable for. The maximum amount of 3rd party liability you can claim for is R20-million.

    Furthermore, with a comprehensive insurance policy, your vehicle will be protected against damage by fire and natural disasters like floods. And finally, you will be covered for theft and hijacking.

    If comprehensive cover is not what you are looking for, don’t worry, 1st for Womens Insurance has two other options available to you.

    Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance Cover

    Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance gives you all the benefits of Third Party liability cover, plus cover for your own car if it’s stolen, hijacked or catches on fire. This is a cheaper insurance option than comprehensive cover but pricier than Third Party Only insurance.

    Third Party Only Insurance Cover

    This insurance that you can claim for when other people have claim over damage that you have caused to their cars, their properties and their persons. Your own motor vehicle is not covered under this policy. 3rd party only cover is recommended if you have a used car, but complimented with another insurance type like a warranty or maintenance plan.

    1st for womens car insurance claim

    Make a claim directly with 1st For Womens easy to remember telephone number:

    Tel: 0861 11 18 05

    1st for womens car insurance contact details

    Customer Service Tel: 0861 00 30 01

    In case you need to visit the office in person, 1st for Womens address details are below:

    Auto & General Park
    1 Telesure Lane