4×4 Insurance For Your Next Holiday Outside Of South Africa

Probably on most South African’s bucket list would be a 4×4 adventure into one of our neighboring countries.  Perhaps your quest is to go fishing in Angola, or explore the long beaches and warm waters off Mozambique. A welcome escape from the cold Cape June July schools holidays would be a trip into Namibia, or even into Botswana. Etosha Game drive anyone?   An essential part of all the planning and preparation would be making sure that you have the correct 4×4 insurance cover which includes travel outside of South African borders.

Half of the adventure of traveling into the unknown is not knowing what to expect when you get there.  Enjoying your adventure is knowing that you have backup plans should things not go according to plan!  It’s not to say that every un-planned or un-scheduled event is need for concern, but at the very least you should be covered for those true emergency situations.

Off Road Insurance For An Emergency

What would a true emergency be?  Well I could think of many things that might take the fun out of travel. For example: You are 200km from the nearest life form in the Namib desert and your transmission fails. Assuming you can make your way to a phone, or perhaps get cell phone signal – you would be able to get your car towed to the nearest workshop for repair or if need be, towed back to South Africa.

Your holiday will be over, but at least you had a backup plan – you had 4×4 insurance for traveling to a country outside of South Africa! Smart move bru.

We have compiled a list of 4×4 insurance companies that offer both mechanical and/or emergency medical cover for your next holiday or travel outside of South African borders.

Momentum – Explorer

Santam – 4×4 Insurance

Outsurance – OUT-in-Africa 4×4 insurance

BUT – before you jump in and decide on the above only, you should know that there are a few 4×4 specialist insurance companies out there.  http://www.4x4community.co.za/forum/showthread.php/140634-How-much-are-people-paying-for-4×4-insurance


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