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Car insurance is one of those purchases where you would like to know that you are buying at the best possible price – and shopping around can take a great deal of time.

For someone who has lots of spare time and patience to go through the process of calling a whole bunch of insurance companies and giving them your details, that’s great – but most of us are just too busy. With Car Insurance Now, we take the pain away and will get you at least a few affordable car insurance quotes from South African insurance companies – simply by leaving your contact details below now.


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If you’re on a tight budget – read this. If you need to finance a car, you will be required to obtain insurance – shop around for the most affordable deal first. Most car finance companies will have a preferred provider, but that’s not to say you will be getting the best deal. Remember that affordable means the whole insurance package: excess is very important!  Usually though, you are under pressure so you just take the deal and go with their car insurance offering.  Sometimes it’s easier to go with whatever they recommend, but the smart money says that you should at least check to see if you can get a cheaper quote later on…

So go ahead – leave your details above and make a start at getting affordable car insurance now.

Are you unsure about the different prices that you are quoted for insurance, especially when it comes to lowering your premiums to get really affordable car insurance quotes?  They often ask, “Trade, Retail or Market Value?” and if you don’t know what this means, it’s just a bit confusing.  It could also mean that you might possibly under-insure your car if you risk taking Trade Value.  Learn more about what these terms mean and which is the right car insurance cover to go for.

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